02May 2023

Choosing Wi-Fi over mobile networks key to Europe’s digital development

As we enter 2023, the continual growth of internet traffic has only made a stronger case for making the upper 6 GHz band acce ...

31May 2022

Bridging the digital divide across the continents

To round off our ninth successful DSA Global Summit, we were thrilled to present our DSA Global Summit awards to several well ...

13Apr 2022

Tiered spectrum access for better connectivity

To round off our ninth successful DSA Global Summit, we were thrilled to present our DSA Global Summit awards to several well ...

06Jul 2021

Congratulations to the winners of the 2021 DSA awards!

To round off our ninth successful DSA Global Summit, we were thrilled to present our DSA Global Summit awards to several well ...

03Jun 2021

Discover spectrum sharing successes at DSA’s 2021 Global Summit

As the Dynamic Spectrum Alliance is preparing for our ninth annual Global Summit, we look forward to welcoming many establish ...

19Apr 2021

Saudi Arabia fosters innovation through spectrum allocation

The Communications and Information Technology Commission (CITC) in Saudi Arabia, has made the decision to open up the entire ...

26Feb 2021

The DSA congratulates Brazil

Yesterday, the 25th of February, the board of commissioners of ANATEL has decided to open the complete 5925-7124 MHz band (6 ...

11Jan 2021

2021: A year of hope for connectivity

Whilst 2020 has been a year of uncertainty, I have never been more certain of the industry’s commitment to accelerating acces ...

22Dec 2020

DSA Global Summit 2020

Last month, we hosted our eighth annual DSA Global Summit, which saw a record attendance of over 500 registrants. Being the f ...

24Nov 2020

Dynamic Spectrum in Aerospace Networks

In September, we hosted our second DSA Webinar, this time on Dynamic Spectrum in Aerospace Networks.

12Nov 2020

DSA Thanks Maniewicz for Presentation

Following our 8th annual Global Summit last week, the DSA would like to thank Mr. Mario Maniewicz, Director of the Radiocommu ...

26Oct 2020

DSA Global Summit 2020

Explore the New-Found Potential of Spectrum Sharing at the DSA Virtual Global Summit 2020.

29Sep 2020

CBRS: A Spectrum Sharing Success

In January, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) authorized the commercial deployment of the Citizens Broadband Radio ...

08Sep 2020

TVWS Workshop

Latest developments of global frameworks and its social impact To watch the full webinar on demand, visit our YouTube channel ...

30Jun 2020

TVWS Unlocking New Possibilities

During these uncertain times amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, my family and I have moved to a beautiful country town in the nort ...

04May 2020

Sharing Beyond Licensed and Unlicensed Spectrum

Last week, we were pleased to participate in Senza Fili’s latest webinar, covering the importance of connectivity in our live ...

20Apr 2020

The Vital Role of Connectivity During Crisis

Why spectrum access is important, now more than ever, to meet economic, social and educational needs to people worldwide

14Apr 2020

Spectrum sharing for inclusive connectivity

In recent years we have witnessed our modern global digital ecosystem thrive. With the development of new technologies.

06Mar 2020

Gender Equality:

A Key for Success in the Telecoms and Tech Industry. Following my appointment as DSA President last year.

16Jan 2020

New Year’s Resolutions for Dynamic Spectrum Sharing

As we head into the next decade, we are looking ahead to building on the momentum of last year’s progress which saw many coun ...

01Dec 2019

DSA President: My First Six Months

My first six months as DSA President have flown by in a whirlwind of activity! I am pleased to share with you what have we ac ...

18Oct 2019

Championing Spectrum Sharing This September

The Dynamic Spectrum Alliance has a far-reaching global presence, with members situated around the world.

04Sep 2019

DSA joins CITEL and attends ATU meeting

DSA President Martha Suarez and Ms Stella Ndabeni-Abrahams (Minister of Communications in South Africa and Member of African ...

12Jul 2019

Summit Draws Worldwide Spectrum Experts

Two weeks ago, the Dynamic Spectrum Alliance convened its seventh annual Global Summit in Washington, DC with tech and teleco ...

26Jun 2019

Initial Customer Deployments are Fast Approaching:

What are the Best Use Cases and Market Opportunities for CBRS? When the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) adopted rules ...

19Jun 2019

Encouraging worldwide collaboration at DSA Summit

Our annual Global Summit is fast approaching, and we are looking forward to welcoming industry representatives from around th ...

03Jun 2019

DSA 2019 Global Summit

The Dynamic Spectrum Alliance (DSA) will hold its Seventh Annual Global Summit in Washington D.C. on 27 June 2019, and this w ...

31May 2019

Spectrum sharing is a reality and an opportunity!

Following my appointment as DSA President at the beginning of May, this month has been about networking, meeting DSA members ...

08Apr 2019

Unveiling New Spectrum Sharing Findings

To mark the launch of the Dynamic Spectrum Alliance’s (DSA’s) new policy research report, Automated Frequency Coordination (A ...

06Sep 2016

Spectrum sharing in Colombia

Spectrum sharing has had a huge positive impact on society and the economy in Colombia. It has created a virtuous ecosystem o ...

16Feb 2016

Africa’s Telecoms Infrastructure: 2015 at a Glance

The rconnect-africa_Steve Song_02162016eal impact of technological innovation is often not felt until long after market intro ...

06Jan 2016

Digital Divide and Unlicensed Spectrum

This Thought Leadership contribution is co-written by Prof. H Sama Nwana, Executive Director of the Dynamic Spectrum Alliance ...

22Jun 2015

TV White Spaces helping us see the wood through the trees

Earlier this year Ofcom gave the go-ahead for the industry to start harnessing the benefits of TV White Spaces technology.

08Sep 2014

Tuning in Spectrum’s White Space

The last decade witnessed tremendous innovations in dynamic spectrum access (DSA), an approach to letting secondary users acc ...

10Jul 2014

Welcome Murata!

Murata, a global leader in the design, manufacture and supply of electronic components and solutions is the latest member to ...

01Jul 2014

Spectrum Sharing Omens Bode Well

Five omens suggest dynamic access to the airwaves is on its way, bringing hope that more people will gain access to more affo ...

31May 2014

Spotlight on Asia

In less than 12 months, we’ve worked to expand opportunities for dynamic spectrum access technologies and techniques

30Apr 2014

Spectrum Should Be Shared

Most of today’s available spectrum is not being used or shared efficiently because today’s regulatory policies are static, dr ...