Explore the New-Found Potential of Spectrum Sharing at the DSA Virtual Global Summit 2020

Next week, we are excited to be hosting our 8th annual DSA Global Summit, from 3-5 November. Having made the decision to move the event online this year, we have adapted our agenda to cater to the ‘new normal’, bringing dynamic innovation, collaboration and debate from global regulators, policy makers, and industry leaders to you at home. Key highlights over the course of the Summit include discussions into regulation formation, challenges and strategy when deploying a range of spectrum sharing frameworks; from CBRS, license-exempt access to the 6 GHz band and TV Whitespace (TVWS), to the new possibilities of 3D spectrum sharing in the mmWaves. In doing so, we hope to inspire and cultivate solutions for both coverage and capacity as technology advances and the demand for connectivity rises. Especially in our current climate, urgent action to offer affordable connectivity to the 4 billion individuals without it is key. By creating a platform for synergy between industry and authority, we can drive a constructive movement for change worldwide.

On our opening day, we will focus on Wi-Fi 6 and the initiative to allow unlicensed applications such as Wi-Fi to utilize the 5925 – 7125 MHz band. Better Wi-Fi improves connectivity in the home, at work (or a combination of the two, as we are all now used to), in public facilities like hospitals or schools and in public spaces, driving productivity, economic growth and societal development. According to CISCO, Wi-Fi continues to carry more traffic than any other wireless system globally; about half of Internet traffic originates or terminates on Wi-Fi. But for Wi-Fi 6 to do its job, more spectrum is required to support wide channels from 80 to 160 MHz. Access to the entire 6 GHz band will be a step towards facilitating just this, making next generation Wi-Fi possible and meeting end-user demands.

We will also focus on rural connectivity and servicing those who remain unconnected or underserved. Short sessions covering The Importance of Connectivity will host a range of expert speakers; Claude Aiken of WISPA, Alessandra Lustrati, Head of Digital Development in the UK Government’s Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO), Richard Thanki, Co-founder and Managing Director of Jangala, Don Means from the Libraries WhiteSpace Project, Heather Lanigan from USTDA and Jane Coffin from ISOC; who will discuss several practical use cases related to connectivity and dynamic spectrum access. Taking turns to present their case for improved spectrum sharing, our speakers will explore rural connectivity and broadband coverage plans in the USA, as well as international efforts for digital inclusion and specific projects to connect migrants, women and anchor institutions.

Among the pre-recorded sessions released on Day 1, our panel session on How to Connect the Unconnected: Enabling Future Proof Technology Solutions for Everyone and Everything, moderated by H. Nwana, the first DSA President, will evaluate the technological opportunity to reach rural users and meet capacity needs in more urban areas. Tune in on-demand to listen to Professor Umar Garba Danbatta of NCC Nigeria, Commissioner Adolfo Cuevas of IFT Mexico, Sidney Roberts, Director of Airband Engineering at Microsoft, Julie Zoller, Head of Regulatory Affairs for Project Kuiper at Amazon and Wesley Eddy of Loon address the issues faced by those without adequate Internet access, and how to overcome this – no matter how concentrated or far-reaching.

The second day of the Virtual Global Summit will see Alexander Kuhn of BNetzA Germany, Charles Cooper, Associate Administrator of the Office of Spectrum Management at NTIA USA, Andy Clegg, Spectrum Engineering Lead at Google, Jennifer McCarthy of Federated Wireless and Guillaume Lebrun of Facebook discuss Worldwide Initiatives to Deliver More Mid-Band Spectrum Through Sharing, with Michael Calabrese as moderatorThere, they will discuss the importance of dynamic spectrum access for enabling more intensive and efficient spectrum use while protecting incumbent services. In this open and honest discussion, they will also speak on some challenges they are currently facing, and how they are looking to resolve these. Bringing together such a widespread panel of regulatory professionals to discuss such spectrum sharing innovation is something we hope will enrich the community to benefit the development of new policies.

Later that day, we will also showcase the uniqueness of mmWaves and their importance for connectivity. Speakers Alan Norman of Facebook, Jameson Dempsey of Loon and Mohammed A. Alabdulqader of CITC, Saudi Arabia will give their perspectives about technology trends and the most recent mmWave solutions, while also addressing the limitations and challenges of the band and its regulations in this candid discussion, moderated by Monica Paolini of SenzaFili.

To close our event, we will be contemplating the trending topics in the industry at the moment and how this may impact the future of our connected world, from spectrum policy to corporate social responsibility. Attendees of the DSA Global Summit 2020 will have the opportunity to network with delegates, regulators and authorities alike in an online space from home. With the chance to ask questions and present new perspectives in our open sessions and Q&A segments, we will ensure a collaborative platform from which to establish a unified plan for the future of technology and our industry.

Now, we are proud to invite you to join the global force of industry leaders this year for the opportunity to share your perspectives, ask your questions and gain exclusive industry insight into the development of connectivity. To attend from the comfort of your home, register here for free – we look forward to welcoming you!