The DSA is the go-to spectrum organization promoting unlicensed access to the 6 GHz band, more Mid-Band Shared Spectrum, CBRS, TVWS, innovation in the mmWaves and more!

Our goals


We want to make spectrum abundant. One way to do this is through dynamic access that makes the best use of spectrum. This will:

Connect people, particularly the next 4 billion under-served people throughout the world

Stimulate wireless innovation for next-generation broadband

Accelerate an inclusive digital economy

Recent DSA Publications

Solving The Spectrum Crunch

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Joint Industry Statement

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Estimación del valor económico del uso no licenciado de la banda de 6GHz en Chile

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Press Releases

Latest Updates

New whitepaper indicates dynamic spectrum management is the key to boosting global wireless connectivity

1 October 2023

Utilizing Dynamic Spectrum Management Systems (DSMS) will bolster the wireless connectivity available to critical industries while protecting incumbent users in shared spectrum bands, according to a new whitepaper developed...

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Open AFC completes the approval phase and integration of technologies to facilitate innovative Wi-Fi 6E outdoor project in Brazil

17 August 2023

The expectation is that ANATEL decides on the conditions of use for standard power devices in the 6 GHz band and ensures their unlicenced use in outdoor and indoor environments....

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Argentina’s decision to open the entire 6 GHz band for unlicenced access will boost technical innovation, says DSA

24 May 2023 Spanish

Unlicenced use of Wi-Fi requires large amounts of spectrum to be made available in order to expand services and reach thousands of small and medium-sized enterprises (SME), internet ...

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Supporting a wireless world at DSA Summit 2023

29 March 2023

The DSA Summit continues to be the industry’s leading forum for spectrum sharing discussions. The sharing of frequency bands using dynamic spectrum coordination systems (DSMS) will be the only way to cope with the surging demand for mobile connectivity...

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Industry-leading experts announced for the 2023 DSA Summit

20 March 2023

Regulators from across the globe have been invited to share their knowledge and support the development of a connected gigabit world. The Dynamic Spectrum Alliance (DSA) has announced a number of speakers from public...

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Fast, Reliable Wi-Fi for Standard Power Devices across Brazil

23 February 2023

Wireless broadband access in Brazil will be expanded through the standard power unlicensed use of the 6 GHz as a result of a partnershipbetween the biggest civil association for Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in Brazil...

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