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Argentina’s decision to open the entire 6 GHz band for unlicenced access will boost technical innovation, says DSA

24 May 2023 Spanish

Unlicenced use of Wi-Fi requires large amounts of spectrum to be made available in order to expand services and reach thousands of small and medium-sized enterprises (SME), internet providers, telecommunications co-operatives and community networks...

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Supporting a wireless world at DSA Summit 2023

29 March 2023

The DSA Summit continues to be the industry’s leading forum for spectrum sharing discussions. The sharing of frequency bands using dynamic spectrum coordination systems (DSMS) will be the only way to cope with the surging demand for mobile connectivity...

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Industry-leading experts announced for the 2023 DSA Summit

20 March 2023

Regulators from across the globe have been invited to share their knowledge and support the development of a connected gigabit world. The Dynamic Spectrum Alliance (DSA) has announced a number of speakers from public...

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Fast, Reliable Wi-Fi for Standard Power Devices across Brazil

23 February 2023

Wireless broadband access in Brazil will be expanded through the standard power unlicensed use of the 6 GHz as a result of a partnershipbetween the biggest civil association for Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in Brazil (ABRINT) and the DSA

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Decisión sobre la banda de 6 GHz en México

20 February 2023

De acuerdo a un nuevo trabajo comisionado por la Dynamic Spectrum Alliance a SmC+ Digital Public Affairs, existen diferentes costos de oportunidad a las decisiones alternativas de no habilitar la banda de 6 GHz completamente para uso libre...

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Creating a connected gigabit world at the 2023 DSA Summit

20 February 2023

Taking place during 27 and 28 March, the Dynamic Spectrum Alliance (DSA) welcomes regulators, policymakers, academia, civil organizations, and industry experts to Rio De Janeiro. The event will explore how a functional Wi-Fi ecosystem, alongside fibre, satellite...

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Comunicado DSA | Decisión Colombia

11 November 2022

Dynamic Spectrum Alliance, DSA celebra el anuncio del Consejero Presidencial para la Transformación Digital, Saúl Kattan, sobre abrir la totalidad de la banda de 6 GHz para uso libre (5925-7125 MHz) y así apoyar la conectividad en Colombia...

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DSA congratulates FCC on their decision to enable faster, reliable Wi-Fi in the 6 GHz band

7 November 2022

The Dynamic Spectrum Alliance (DSA) would like to congratulate the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) on their recent decision to bring next generation Wi-Fi closer to reality for homes and businesses across the United States....

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DSA expresses concern over SUBTEL’s decision to reduce spectrum for Wi-Fi

28 July 2022 Spanish

The DSA urges government to rectify decision in order to not harm the Chilean users and the networks and device deployments already taking place in the country...

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Inclusion and Innovation: Worldwide spectrum experts to gather at DSA Global Summit 2022

28 July 2022

The Dynamic Spectrum Alliance (DSA) has today announced the first speakers for its 10th annual Global Summit. Focusing on the use-cases and impacts of spectrum sharing success over the last year...

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6 GHz unlicensed access and Wi-Fi 6E to add billions to Indonesian and African economies, reveals Dynamic Spectrum Alliance

24 February 2022

It is predicted that unlicensed access to the 6 GHz band will add US$ 187.63 billion to the Indonesian economy, and up an accumulated US$ 150.19 billion to the economies of Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa.

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DSA to advance affordable connectivity in underserved countries

09 February 2022

A partnership between the UK Government’s Digital Access Programme (DAP) and the Dynamic Spectrum Alliance (DSA) is contributing towards digital inclusion in Brazil, Indonesia, Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa.

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6 GHz Wi-Fi spectrum is critical to enable technology innovation in Australia

03 February 2022

Australia should set aside the full 1200 MHz of available 6 GHz spectrum for Wi-Fi applications under the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA)’s Low Interference Potential Devices (LIPD) Class Licence...

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EU must provide enough spectrum for next generation Wi-Fi technologies, tech and allied groups warn

30 November 2021

The EU should ensure that enough spectrum is made available to enable the next generations of Wi-Fi Gigabit technologies, Wi-Fi 6E and Wi-Fi 7, to thrive alongside 5G and fibre...

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Brazilians in remote and rural areas will benefit from better connectivity, as ANATEL approves the use of TVWS

7 October 2021

Today, DSA compliments ANATEL, the National Telecommunications Agency of Brazil, on their decision to approve the framework authorizing the use of a TV White Space (TVWS)...

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Dynamic Spectrum Alliance urges countries worldwide to adopt license-exempt access to the entire 6 GHz band

11 August 2021

Opening the full 6 GHz band for license-exempt technologies is important to improve the economy, address the digital divide, accelerate...

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Dynamic Spectrum Alliance Award winners recognized for social impact of spectrum sharing initiatives

21 June 2021

The annual Dynamic Spectrum Alliance (DSA) awards recognize the efforts of organizations who are committed to furthering innovation, accelerating...

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Worldwide spectrum experts drive spectrum sharing success at DSA Global Summit 2021

10 June 2021

Data reveals the growing need for spectrum access for broadband, Wi-Fi and 5G networks and regulators give updates on spectrum sharing priorities...

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FCC’s Acting Chairwoman, Jessica Rosenworcel, and IFT’s Commissioner Javier Juárez Mojica to speak at the DSA Global Summit

25 May 2021

The Dynamic Spectrum Alliance (DSA) has today announced that representatives from the Federal Communications...

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The approved TVWS framework in Kenya is a catalyst for digital growth,” says Dynamic Spectrum Alliance

18 May 2021

Today, the Dynamic Spectrum Alliance (DSA) compliments the Communications Authority of Kenya’s decision to...

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6 GHz unlicensed access and Wi-Fi 6E to add billions to Colombia and Mexico economies, reveals Dynamic Spectrum Alliance

3 February 2021 | Spanish version

Over the next 10 years, the Colombian and Mexican economies could benefit if they decide to enable unlicensed access to the 5925-7125 MHz band...

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6 GHz unlicensed access to add $163.5 billion to Brazil economy, reveals Dynamic Spectrum Alliance

25 November 2020

Over the next 10 years, the Brazilian economy will benefit from the allocation of unlicensed access to the 6 GHz band, according to a study published...

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Wi-Fi Urgently Needs More Spectrum According to the DSA and PIP in Latest Research Paper

16 November 2020

With over half of all the connections to the Internet starting or ending with Wi-Fi access and demand for broadband connectivity surging worldwide, Wi-Fi...

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DSA Global Summit 2020 unites industry leaders to accelerate spectrum sharing

5 November 2020

During what remains to be a critical time to stay connected around the world, over 325 industry and government leaders connected...

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Dynamic Spectrum Alliance Q4 2020

22 October 2020

International speakers from more than 30 different countries will join delegates from the International Telecommunication Union...

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Dynamic Spectrum Alliance and COMTELCA collaborate to drive dynamic spectrum access in Central America

17 August 2020

A Memoriam of Understanding has been signed between the DSA and COMTELCA to carry out technical cooperation actions on issues related...