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The TV White Space (TVWS) Ecosystem is Advancing to Unlock New Possibilities

December 2020

In this article, we would like to cover the situation that we – among millions – are facing, as well as some of the most frequently asked questions...

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6 GHz unlicensed access and Wi-Fi 6E to add billions to Colombia and Mexico economies, reveals Dynamic Spectrum Alliance

29 September 2020 |

A destinação da faixa de 6 GHz (5,925-7,125 GHz) para o WiFi 6E já foi aprovada pela Anatel, mas ainda é necessário definir as condições de uso…

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Sandbox e gestão automática para mercado secundário são propostas para Anatel

29 September 2020

Iniciativas com propostas de inovações regulatórias estão chegando à Anatel por necessidade do próprio mercado...

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Spectrum Alliance Pushes for 5.9 GHz for WiFi

15 June 2020

Computer companies and cable operators (collectively the Dynamic Spectrum Alliance, DSA), which backed the FCC’s decision to free up the lower...

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Spectrum management policies should not be a barrier to connectivity: Dynamic Spectrum Alliance

13 May 2020

En entrevista con DPL News, Martha Suárez, presidenta de DSA, dijo que Wi-Fi 6 complementará las posibilidades de aplicación...

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6 GHz Band’s Golden Opportunity for Unlicensed Access and Wi-Fi 6

20 April 2020

According to Ofcom UK, the growing use of Wi-Fi is causing heightened expectations from consumers as to the capacity of their broadband as they...

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